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Recycled electronicsWhy Recycle Electronics?

Electronics are one of the fastest growing portions of America’s waste stream. In some areas E-waste is growing three times faster than any other type of municipal waste. By recycling we can reduce waste and be kind to our environment by keeping toxic materials from contaminating the soil and leaking into our ground water.

Electronics are made with many reusable materials. In 1998, over 112 million pounds of materials were recovered from recycled electronics including lead, steel, glass, and plastic.

Some obsolete electronics can create environmental hazards and legal liabilities if they are disposed of improperly. With more than four pounds of lead in many TV picture tubes and computer monitors, along with other potentially hazardous materials such as mercury, chromium, and cadmium, electronics call for special handling at the end of their lives.

Did you know according to the EPA...

Federal and State Regulations

A number of states including Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, California and others have passed laws that make it illegal to dispose of any computer monitors or televisions in their landfills. Some states still allow individuals to landfill their obsolete computers and electronics, however, legislation is pending in many of those states that would outlaw disposing of end-of-life-electronic materials in their landfills.

Companies and large generators of electronic waste are already required to comply with Federal Law concerning proper disposal of end-of-life-electronics.

John's Twin Ports Recycling can issue customers a Certificate of Recycling upon request releasing them of the liabilities associated with the improper handling and disposal of their materials.

John's Twin Ports Recycling complies with all State and Federal regulations.

John's Twin Ports Recycling gaurantees none of the equipment it receives will ever be landfilled or exported to countries less regulated than the United States.

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