About John's Twin Ports Recycling...

   John's Twin Ports Recycling opened on May 1st 2006.

The owner (John Curtis) started John's Twin Ports Recycling with a focus on lower rates and better services. In the recent past, John has aided other local recyclers in recycling over 1 million pounds of recycled electronics.

Our mission: To prevent electronics and their hazardous materials from reaching the landfills, while raising awareness of recycling laws and the dangers of electronic materials as waste.

John Curtis & Tony Guerra Good Deeds
(Duluth News Tribune)

      John Curtis (right) from John’s Twin Ports Recycling presented Tony Guerra from the Northland Chapter of the American Red Cross with a check for $5,500. The money was collected in January when John’s Twin Ports Recycling held a free electronic waste drop-off at Lake Superior College and enough electronic waste was collected to fill almost five semitrailers. Curtis wanted to help the Red Cross because in 2007 the Red Cross helped his daughter after she lost everything in a fire.

John's Twin Ports Recycling would like to offer to seniors and non-profits a 10% discount on all fees and services and as always YOU NEVER PAY US TO RECYCLE YOUR COMPUTERS, SERVERS OR LAPTOPS.

John's Twin Ports Recycling challenges you to tell friends and family about us and help keep our environment clean... if not for us, for our children and their children.

Play a part! Preserve our children's future.

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Saturdays - by Appointment

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